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Thread: OpenGL makes my TnT freak...

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    OpenGL makes my TnT freak...

    I've got a Viper V550 TnT 16meg, and whenever i install the new opengl drivers for it, it makes my computer goto 640x480 resolution (this is anoying because im useto running in 1024x76 even when i decrese my colour as far as 256 colours, i still cannot get it to go hihger then 640x480. This isnt a problem for jsut me either, my friend mail him, he'll tell you ( has the exact same problem with his TnT2 as well as with his other older graphics cards.

    If there is a fix for this, or a way to fix it on my computer I'd really apreciate hearing it thanks.

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    Re: OpenGL makes my TnT freak...

    One last thing, to older opengl drivers do work on my system and dont give me any problems. unfortinatly i dont have them installed or have the version of them written down anywhere.

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