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Thread: drawing images with opengl

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    drawing images with opengl

    Hi All
    I have:
    unsigned char* imagedata.
    I also have a function(pnm.c) that reads in a greyscale pgm image and return a pointer to the beginning of data. this is stored in " imagedata".
    then to display the image i use the following:

    glDrawPixels(w,h,GL_LUMINANCE,GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE,(co nst uchar*)imagedata);

    w,h are the width and height of the image.

    but when i run the program i get a memory read error. it says memory cannot be read.

    Can someone suggest me a fix to this problem???
    thanx in advance.

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    Re: drawing images with opengl

    Try using glPixelStorei(GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT,1).
    This way OpenGL wont try to align rows to the standard 4byte boundaries.

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