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Thread: Game Engine programming

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    Game Engine programming

    Can anyone recommend a set of sites for game engine programming in OpenGL?
    And if possible in which part of the site.(that would be necessary for learning only the required stuff)

    Please don't recommend books unless they are available on-line or at a really affordable rate (I live in India).

    Thanks in advance.
    Yup, that's me!!

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    Re: Game Engine programming

    Do a search in the archive, there are lots of links there.


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    Re: Game Engine programming main site has game programming tips, tutors!

    Creating a engine like Quake, Doom, etc is a complex process, you need to know openGL, have a good understanding of programming, network programming.

    I know the above site has tutors on all the required tools needed to create a game engine.

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    Re: Game Engine programming

    you also might want to look at for opengl specific tutorials (really nice)!

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