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Thread: Dynamic VS Static Lists

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    Dynamic VS Static Lists

    I have an on-screen information panel that shows some information about the displayed data.

    It works fine when I build it everytime I call ondraw(). But it does not even show up when I tried to create it once and just call the list in ondraw().

    Basically, all I did was wrap the creation in a class and build the list as below. Note that the "// create the list" part is exactly as the building of the list.

    I thought that the class does not see the context. But I made sure that the currentContext is set right when the list is being build.

    Any Ideas ??? Please ..
    GLuint list;
    list = glGenLists( 1 );
    glNewList( list, GL_COMPILE );
    // create the list
    m_object list;

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    Re: Dynamic VS Static Lists

    Are you building the list AFTER the OpenGL context has been created? This could be a problem if, for instance, you put the list creation in the constructor of a class and are using a global instance of that class.
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