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Thread: distorted polys

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    distorted polys

    hi there,

    i've drawn a simple polygon which can be rotated around all axis.i used glHint(GL_PERSPECTIVE_CORRECTION_HINT,GL_FASTEST), to speed things up a little..
    i then noticed that the polygon openGL should draw looks differnet and distorted,i.e. it kind of switches between 2 states while rotating.

    normally,the poly should look like this:
    / \
    | |--| |
    |__| |__|

    but it looks like this!
    / ___ \
    | ____\|
    |_/ \ and at some other angle it changes the direction

    sorry for the f***** up picture,but i guess you know what i mean...
    quads and triangles look normally, changing the hint to GL_NICEST doesnt do anything.
    maybe i'll post some code here,but i think i did the setup right...

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    Re: distorted polys

    A couple things to check: ( I didn't understand your picture

    - The polygon should be convex, which means that a line between any two points within the polygon will lie completely in the polygon.

    - The polygon should be planar. I.e. all the points that define the polygon should be in a plane.

    - The polygon must not intersect itself. I.e. no figure 8 looking things.

    The results are undefined when any of the above conditions hold.

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