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Thread: maya to openGL

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    maya to openGL

    can anyone help me how i can export my maya model to openGL so that i can move it as an object?
    i'm trying to make a 3D text with maya, then i want to do texture mapping to a polygon that i've made.

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    Re: maya to openGL

    Can u export it as a .3DS file? If so, use any of the many 3DS mesh importing code available by searching these forums.

    I don't think maya publishes their file format openly.

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    Re: maya to openGL

    do anyone know any other way to do texture mapping to openGL? what program i should use? or what extension it's gonna be?

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    Re: maya to openGL

    what file format are do you want to use to export your object out of Maya? A good one for beginners is the obj format because it is ascii. If you want to use .3ds format then you will need a free progam that will convert maya files into 3ds files. Milkshape3d is a good free app that does this. DO a google for it. As far as I know there is no way to export a 3ds file from maya. I know there is a free plugin that lets you import them though. As far as textures go you should be able to do texture mapping in maya and then export the map as a image file like tga, bmp ... Then you can edit the texture in photoshop.

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