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Thread: Simplist Window? please help

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    Simplist Window? please help

    I have been using opengl for a few weaks now and am getting kinda used to the syntax. But I started out using someone elses window code that had alot of extra code and error detection. ANd I nevewr really learned exactly how the window is made using opengl with C++. I was just wondering if someone could post the most simple code for a window with some commenting. I think it would help me understand it better if I didnt have all the clutter, thx.

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    Re: Simplist Window? please help

    Hi there - are you just trying to set up a blank openGL window? You can look at the nehe site -- tutorial 1 is very good at explaining this.

    the link is:

    you can download the source code specific to your OS.

    I hope that helped.

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