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Thread: glColor Problem

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    glColor Problem

    Hi I am displaying text using Outline fonts.
    As per OpenGL documentation the glColor() and glCallLists() calls should be within glBegin() and glEnd(). What should be the mode for glBegin(...)?.

    glCallLists(strlen(string),GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, string);

    Kannan A S

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    Re: glColor Problem

    You actually do not need to use glBegin in this case. The glBegin/glEnd commands are compiled in the display list when you call wglUseFontOutlines.

    So, the only thing you have to do is:

    Code :
    glCallLists(strlen(string),GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, string);


    P.S.: actually, if you add glBegin/glEnd around these calls, chances are that nothing will appear (you are not allowed to use glBegin between glBegin/glEnd !).

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