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Thread: 3D modeling project

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    3D modeling project

    I'm a final year student, and for a final year project, I have to create a 3D mechanical digger, with moving arms. I started to learn openGL, and have created spheres, polygons, etc. At the moment I am confussed as to how to go about this project.
    I am thnking of using MS Visual C++. Is it possible to use a 3D modeling package like 3D studio max and import model into visual c++? Any advice appreciated.

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    Re: 3D modeling project

    Do a search on this board for 3DExplorer and check out that package. You can use it to open a 3DSMax mesh and export the objects into C code (as a display list), which requires that you create a display list ID and then glCallList(dlID); to place the object in your worldspace.


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    Re: 3D modeling project

    Jon here is a good solution to your problem. Go to and download the examples in and Both of these demos contain the source code for Nate Robins GLM library. GLM is perfectly suitable for loading and displaying WaveFront OBJ format 3D models. You can find several programs on the web for converting all sorts of 3D model formats to OBJ format. Compile and run the examples then examine the code that uses GLM. You can take the glm.h and glm.c files and put them in your own project without much effort.

    Good luck!
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