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    arb_Vertex_program on

    i would like to know which nv cards actually support arb_vertex_program.. up to date i thought it's only supported on geforce3 and up.. maybe it's a driver issue - as i tested support for arb_vertex_program sometime ago on some random geforce2 and the result was negative.. (dunno about drivers num) - in contrast, more recent tests showed a positiv result..

    anyway, clarifying this would be nice.. thanks in advance!


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    Re: arb_Vertex_program on
    Every GeForce card supports ARB_vertex_program (even though only GeForce3 and higher supports it in hardware) and maybe some TNT2 cards too, but not sure about that.

    ATi cards support ARB_vertex_program since Radeon8500 series, and maybe lower but not sure either.

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