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Thread: blending interference

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    blending interference

    Hi, I'm having trouble with blending.. I'm using a few different types of blending throughout my program.
    I use:
    in two diffent places currently and they seem to have effects on the other. I am using glDisable after all drawing. I thought that this was enough now I'm wondering if it really is. Do I need to use glPushAttrib? Currently testing on a riva128 if that makes a difference.


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    Re: blending interference

    Well I've fixed it... Seems it had something
    to do with glEnable(GL_LIGHTING)/glDisable(GL_LIGHTING)

    Still not exactly sure why? If anyone has something so say on this I'd appreciate any info you can give me as to why. Maybe I shouldnt disable lighting during blending?

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    Re: blending interference

    how exactly is your other geometry being effected? is it slightly transparent?

    i had a problem like this not too long ago when i was adding detail textures to my terrain renderer, i fixed it by setting the depth buffer mode to LEQUAL.

    -brian ploeckelman

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    Re: blending interference

    I was drawing some particles with
    and some geometry with

    where obj->alpha was always 1 and p->alpha
    varied. What happen was my geometry was being drawn transparent when it should have been totaly opaque(sp?)

    I was disabling the lighting for the particles.. so I took it out and that fixed it

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    Re: blending interference

    UGH!!!!!!!!!! there was a rouge "disable
    lighting" call in my shadows function!
    man I feel so dumb now I almost didnt
    post this LOL...

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