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Thread: How to create *.m3g file( for Mobile 3D-API )

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    How to create *.m3g file( for Mobile 3D-API )

    What tools is required to create *.m3g file( for Java Mobile 3D-API, OpenGL ES compatible)?
    thanx for reviewing my question.

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    Re: How to create *.m3g file( for Mobile 3D-API )

    This question is not really related to OpenGL. OpenGL (and OpenGL|ES) is a lower level layer that accelerates graphics rendering. The model loading, file format etc. is really an application level operation and in this case it is specific to the JSR-184 component. You should ask in a Java M3G forum if you can find one (I don't even know what's in it).,3959,00.html

    So it is probably likely that the mobile graphics spec can be implemented on OpenGL which may then accelerate rendering or at least provide acceptable quality low level rendering operations and provide a degree of code portability for implementors.

    In this case these two "technologies", OpenGL and this Java component get mentioned in the same breath because they're emerging 3D standards that will have to play together, don't confuse what they are or how they relate though.

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