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Thread: vb&opengl coordination pick

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    vb&opengl coordination pick

    i draw an image in form window by VB & OpenGL.
    And i want to pick the point's coordination
    in screen. In OpenGL, it mentions that functions
    gluProject and gluUnproject can do that.
    But, the variables in both must use the pointer,
    for example in gluProject, &wx,&wy,&wz,
    yet i don't know, if VB want to use these functions, how to do it?
    Could anyone answer my question, thanks.

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    Re: vb&opengl coordination pick

    It sounds like you need to consult the VB manual. I used QuickBasic, a long time ago, but I don't remeber peanuts about it. Anyways, once you're up to speed on VB coding, you can focus on opengl.

    Look at bottom of this page for VB stuff.

    Best wishes,

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