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Thread: How do I start?

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    How do I start?

    Help! Anybody...I'm a keen coder who is dying to get into 3D game/graphics development and I keep hearing/reading all kinds of info talking about OpenGL and DirectX. My current computer runs Windows 95 and I heard that Direct3D does not come built into 95 (only 9. Therefore, I've looked to OpenGL. I've read numerous introduction pages, downloaded Glut, OpenGL 1.1 and so on, but still don't know where to start...All I need is some example code to show me how to start intigrating the OpenGL into my code and what I need to do it. I looked at the tutorial on this page but it didn't work for me. Which library's do I need? Can I start programming with OpenGL with just Windows 95, Glut and C++? If anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated .

    Rick Lazer

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    Re: How do I start?

    If you want to learn OpenGL, you should (must) look at this site, . One of (if not The) best OpenGL programming sites i have seen.

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    Re: How do I start?

    This is the one that got me rolling.
    Sean E. Dolan

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