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Thread: NVidia's OpenGL SDK? (JanHH?)

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    NVidia's OpenGL SDK? (JanHH?)

    Jan, you mentioned that there's an OpenGL SDK on NVidia's site. I can't seem to find it, would you happen to have a link for that?
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    Re: NVidia's OpenGL SDK? (JanHH?)

    there is no single zip specifically for the opengl sdk rather than links for several opengl demos(correct me if i am wrong).
    this is link:

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    Re: NVidia's OpenGL SDK? (JanHH?)

    The NVidia SDK is one big archive > 120 MB containing all OpenGL and all DirectX effects. The good thing is that there is an Effect Browser included.

    The link is

    Enter as search "NVSDK" at and you will find it.

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    Re: NVidia's OpenGL SDK? (JanHH?)

    yes in fact i meant the nv effects browser + according demos.

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