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Thread: Fog class

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    Fog class

    Hey guys,
    I almost finished with a fog class for a game me and my friends are making. currently it only has "EnableFog", and StopFog. i want to be able to have a bool value in the class, thats like:
    MakeFog(float startfog, float endfog, float density, bool onoff);

    I've made the other things before "onoff". how can I make the onoff thing? i mean if i add it, the compiler says function overloading. help

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    Re: Fog class

    huh? I dont understand the question much. Do you want to make 2 fog functions, one with the bool and one without?

    Or do you want a default value for the bool, so it's only an optional parameter?

    Please elaborate for further discussion.


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    Re: Fog class

    Its ok guys, i figured it out

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