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Thread: Strange Speed Results

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    Strange Speed Results


    last weekend i switched from the Direct3D Liga to OpenGL. I really like it..but..

    I compiled my tuned Hello World Programm (some nice Stars and an 3DS Object) at home and it ran with 300 Fps on my Radeon 9700. I tested it after this on an old ATI 128..still 30 Fps. Axel was happy!

    Today I wanted to check the Performance with the Geforce 2 MX at work. First run: 3 FPS. (2400MhZ Athlon) Wow! Still the same code! Ok, software emulation i thought..
    Ok..I updated to Nvidia's reference drivers and now I got 12 FPS. Still a joke..? This cant be all??

    I have no idea what went wrong. The initial and render code is from an good tutorial( I think its ok. Please..if some of you could take a look at my code..I really need to know why the performance withe the MX is so low. The comments in the source are german, so dont wonder. Here is my Visual C++ 6.0 Project File:

    I updated the Motherboard drivers..updated to the latest VIA 4in1, tryed a lot of Nvidia drivers. Still the same result. I cant believe the GeForce 2 MX is so bad!

    Thanks for all suggestions and comments!

    Axel F

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    Re: Strange Speed Results

    - Try with 24 bits depth buffer.
    - Check the renderer (glGetString).
    Other perf tips:
    - Use the glNormal3fv, glTexCoord2fv and glVertex3fv functions.
    - Don't use immediate mode anyway.
    - Don't query for color or texture inside the drawing loops, but move the conditions outside.
    - Don't bind the same texture over and over again.
    - There must be a simpler way to transform the stars.
    - Set Clear color to (0,0,0,0), not 0.5 alpha.
    - Not sure how big the stars are, but blending isn't the fastest on GeForce MX.
    Try adding alpha test to remove fragments which don't contribute to the final color.
    - The LoadGLTextures function won't work. Only minification allows mipmapping, magnification not.
    - If you specify mipmapping (or keep the default of GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST), you must download mipmaps.
    - There's no need to enable and disable GL_LIGHT0 if you enable and disable GL_LIGHTING, too.

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