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    change scenes

    I need some idees how to change between scenes (using glut). I tryed to change the scene with glutDisplayFunc() wich doesnt work as I want to. And I tryed to make a switch statement within the idlefunc wich made it flicker.
    Any idees how to change scene in a good way like people use to do in demos?
    regards Nergal

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    Re: change scenes

    Are you looking for a fade effect or some sort of transition where they are blended? Fade effect should be easy if using alpha channel... enable blend... draw black quad in front of everything as its alpha value increases from 0 to 1 over whatever time frame you want the fade to occur. The fade in would be the opposite. Not sure about the blending scenes effect... maybe accum buffer, or read pixels and then draw pixels if you can change alpha values.

    Otherwise, glutDisplayFunc is the correct way to switch between scenes/drawing functions.

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