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Thread: to many glvertex3f statements

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    to many glvertex3f statements

    i have 10 pages of code with nothing but glvertex3f statements. it was 40 pages i reduced it by creating a list and using glcalllist. what would be a way to decrease the code even more.

    once i can get some images for it its suppose to look like a race track.

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    Re: to many glvertex3f statements

    Yes. You can reduce the code-Less then one page-and read the data from a text file. Most of the NeHe articles use from this manner:

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    Re: to many glvertex3f statements

    You might wanna look at glDrawElements and glMultiDrawElements.
    They use an array of indices to pick vertices from an vertex array.
    This way you can use a vertex multiple times.

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