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Thread: Compiler Errors

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    Compiler Errors

    I am using borland Turbo C++ 4.5 and have this eror that i can't resolve.

    I am attempting to compile a tutorial source code that was developed in Borland C++, and it comes up with errors like;

    Varianle 'using' is initliazed more that once
    relating to windows.h i get a similar error for mem.h stdlib.h and gl.h, also i get syntaz errors for the gl.h and glux.h

    and yet these files caome with the B TC++,

    Can anybody help me resolve this anomiliy?

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    Re: Compiler Errors

    uhhhh !

    Not sure, mut someting is pretty wrong....

    Could post a printout of some of the error messages, this might help to figure out what's wrong ?


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    Re: Compiler Errors

    Here are some of the errors

    windows.h 28: Incorrect pragma directive option ush

    Windows.h 28: Incorrect pragma directive option: -a8

    stddef.h 36: Declaration syntax error
    stddef.h 133: Variable 'using' is initilized more than once.

    Mem.h 39: Typ qualifier 'std' must be a struct or class name

    The rest of the errors are the same as these but on different lines.

    any ideas?

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