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Thread: lacks Texture extension

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    lacks Texture extension

    Hi, Could someone help me solve this?

    When I try to compile a sample texture
    model project that comes with glut library
    I get the message "client-side OpenGL
    implementation lacks GL_EXT_texture
    extension!". What is an extension in OpenGL?
    Do i need to install it?

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    Re: lacks Texture extension

    Hi !

    Your application is using and "extension", this something one vendor has added to their OpenGL driver, so it may not exist in all, when the application starts it checks if your OpenGL driver can handle it, and it cannot so you get an error message.

    To fix it you usualy need to replace your hardware with something that can handle the extension, if you can live with software rendering you could have a look at Mesa, it supports a huge range of extensions.


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