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Thread: declaring inside an if...

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    declaring inside an if...

    alright, i know this is a C++ question, but i like u guys here, and you help quickly =P
    alright, i have a program i have to make for school... but im stuck, i have a menu (cout << enter number....; cin >> choice;" right, and i have an if right after that for which choice they made...
    i have a class called "MyVec, and i have overloaded it, so i can pass MyVec Vect(); MyVec Vect(x); MyVec Vect(x,y);... this is based off the choice (1,2,3)...
    if its one, i want to just go "MyVec Vect();" if 2: "MyVec Vect(x)" etc.
    the problem is, when i declare them INSIDE the if statements, then they are LOCAL TO THE IF!!! in other words, i cant pass them anyplace else...
    anyone wanna help me?

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    Re: declaring inside an if...

    MyVec *vec;

    case 1:
    vec = new MyVec();
    case 2:
    vec = new MyVec(bleh);

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