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Thread: nv ext function no more recognized !

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    nv ext function no more recognized !


    i have already succeed in making some memory allocation using AGP and drawing some few triangles with extensions.

    But, now, i have rebuild all my system and put a native support for AGP (which is 4x mode). and my program doesn't compile anymore: it says that it doesn't know these functions:
    glVertexPointerExt() and for normals, ...

    before, it knew them. I don't understand anymore.
    Do I have to get their adress as for the NV functions ? or may i have made a mistake somewhere ?

    thank you


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    Re: nv ext function no more recognized !

    Under windows, every function after basic 1.1 functionality is an extension. Use it like you would any other extension.


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    Re: nv ext function no more recognized !

    Remove the "Ext" after the function, since they are no longer extensions. Vertex arrays was added to the core in OpenGL 1.1.

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