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Thread: drawing circles in opengl

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    drawing circles in opengl

    i need to develop a simple drawing tool in opengl which will let me draw points, lines, circles and ellipses. these options must be availble by clicking the right mouse button. i can include a line and points but can't get circles to work.

    help please

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    Re: drawing circles in opengl

    You'll need to "simulate" circles with lines.

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    Re: drawing circles in opengl

    You'll need to "simulate" circles with lines.

    try a for-next loop and rotate and then translate out the length of the radius.
    I did something like this before, allowing you to choose the number of lines is usefull so you can have anything from a pentagon to a pixel perfect circle.
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    Re: drawing circles in opengl

    Rotate and translate out of the radius? huh!? It's far easier just to zzap the verticies:

    for(int i=0; i<CIRCLE_RESOLUTION; i++) {
    float ang=((float)i/(foat)CIRCLE_RESOLUTION)*2.0*3.14159265;
    glVertex2f(cos(ang)*rad, sin(ang)*rad);


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    Re: drawing circles in opengl

    It may be easier, but it isn't as nice and it isn't as fast.
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    Re: drawing circles in opengl

    simulating the circle is easiest done with sin and cos, it is useful to know that sin and cos are modelled on a circle, sin and cos of an angle will produce two new values which can represent proportional vertices of a circle.

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