i have a problem with the wglUsefontOutlines(...) function:

when i'm calling this function, it returns the errorcode 8 (not enough storage available to process this command)

can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong?


first i am creating the 256 glList bases for the glyphs:
unsigned int base = glGenLists(256);
then i'm creating the windows font with the command:
HFONT hFont = CreateFont(...);
then i am selecting the font:
DeleteObject(SelectObject(hdc, hFont));
and then i call the wglUsefontOutlines(...) function:
wglUseFontOutlines(hdc,0,255,base,0.0f,fontdepth,W GL_FONT_POLYGONS,gmf);

the gmf struct was implemented as follows:

i hope you can help me ...