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Thread: libSDL + OpenGL + GeForce2 problem

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    libSDL + OpenGL + GeForce2 problem

    I am trying to convert an application from Glut to SDL, but I'm having problems. I can open the screen with SDL, but openGL refuses to perform any of the drawing commands other than clearing the screen. I tried one of the tutorials on combining openGL with SDL with the same results. I set all the SDL_GL_SetAttributes properly, did the SDL_GL_SwapBuffer, etc. and there are no errors being reported, but nothing on the screen either. The drawing code works fine when using Glut.

    My thoughts are that there is a compatibility problem with SDL and the NVidia drivers, in particular with the frame buffering. Any ideas out there?

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    Re: libSDL + OpenGL + GeForce2 problem

    I happen to know that SDL works fine with Geforce cards, but I dont have a clue what is wrong with your program.

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    Re: libSDL + OpenGL + GeForce2 problem

    it works fine for me too - under win32 and Linux.
    dumb question, but you are requsting a doublebuffer surface from SDL (with SDL_GLSetAttribute(), not SDL_DOUBLEBUFFER in the SDL_SetVideoMode() ), setting your draw buffer to GL_BACK and doing SDL_GLswapBuffers() ?(or whatever it's called - i've wrapped it, can't remember).

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