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Thread: directX messageboard?

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    directX messageboard?

    I program in c++ for windows. I have been learning openGL for the last few months but now I think I need DirectX. This is because I need to add sound to my application. Specifically I need to be able to load, play, and manipulate wave files. I do not want to use directX because they have very limited support for loading wave files. Is there a good library I can use with openGL instead? Or can someone direct me to a tutorial (pdf if possible), messageboard, or a directX messageboard etc. where I can find some answers? Thanks and sorry if this is off topic,


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    Re: directX messageboard?

    Easy to use:

    There are others too - OpenAL, etc

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    Re: directX messageboard?

    FMOD is also available.

    And if you like the different parts of DX perhaps you should have a look at SDL.

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