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Thread: gl4java procedural texture generation

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    gl4java procedural texture generation

    im tying to implement simple 2d texture mapping using gl4java

    i am not using an image ,but want to create the texture in my code itself

    i noticed that the method
    glTexImage2D(,,,,,int[] pixels);
    it reads the texture image as a 1 dimentional array
    how then can i input rgba value for each textel
    is there any format ??
    can anyone please help

    and one more important Q

    CAN we do 3D texture mapping in GL4Java on a windows NT platform (XP home to be more precise)


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    Re: gl4java procedural texture generation


    I don't know if you got an answer to your first question but creating your own texture is really easy :

    1> create your RGBA buffer
    2> bind your buffer to your texture
    3> use glCopySubImageTex to update the texture !

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