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Thread: Compiling Problems HELP!!!

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    Compiling Problems HELP!!!

    Hello! Im new to OpenGL programming and I started reading on it and tried to do a very simple OpenGL program. It suppose to output a white box. The code is ok, it came from a "primer" book. Im using Visual C++ 6.0 to compile the code and I have downloaded the glut-3.7.6 from

    I placed the files in their correct folders and I put "glut32.dll" in BOTH, C:\Windows\SYstem and C:\WINNT\SYstem32

    When I start MS Visual C++; I create a WIn32 Console App and select "Simple application" ...
    When I compile my 20 line code (its supposed to be simple) ... I get an error ...
    "Cannot open include file: 'GL/glut.h' No such file or directory"... but I do have glut.h in ...VC98\INCLUDE\GL ... so I know its a linking problem I just don't know how to fix it... please help!!!

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    Re: Compiling Problems HELP!!!

    the compiler can't find glut.h. make sure it's
    Code :
    #include <GL\glut.h>

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    Re: Compiling Problems HELP!!!

    Hm, If the header you included is like that

    Code :
    So, verify your file location (glut.h)> VC98/Include/GL/glut.h
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