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Thread: Removing returns in a wrapper

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    Removing returns in a wrapper

    I'm VERY new to OpenGL but my only real motive to learn is because I want to create a wrapper. I've looked at several wrappers including GLTrace which was very useful.

    Could someone post source to a wrapper where they have made the return of a function null or zero. I want to play around with this in different OpenGL envirnments and see what happens.

    The couple of main functions I was origionally looked at were glfogi and glfogiv. So if someone could please show me or create a wrapepr that runs through my normal OpenGL driver but nullifys selectable functions I would be very greatful for the code. Thanks


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    Re: Removing returns in a wrapper

    Sounds like you want to remove fog in a game, in order to get an unfair advantage over others (human or not). The source code to GLTrace is available, just modify it to your hearts content.

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