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Thread: Off-Screen AVI-making

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    Off-Screen AVI-making

    In my application i want to create an AVI file of an OpenGL animation. I don't want to do the tedious work like capturing image from screen, save it into a series of BMP files, then use other software to create AVI files from the images.

    How can I do this in case of off-screen?

    Thank you for your response in advance.

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    Re: Off-Screen AVI-making

    Hi !

    Make a search on "AVI" in this and the advanced forum and you will find tons of information on this.


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    Re: Off-Screen AVI-making

    I'm currently working on this for my game project. I think I can end it in two or three weeks.
    I've search a long time to find some exemple (in the MSDN and on the net). I've find the exemple or application that do that but no one permit me to select the CODEC. I've found something with QMOL (particul visualisation) but u need to update the source. You can also wait the end of my work : I try to make a C++ class that embed AVI fonctionality to do that (it's for windows sorry )
    Mail me if u want the current sources :

    Have a nice day.

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