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Thread: hardware decoding of mpg/h264 - looking for a starter

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    hardware decoding of mpg/h264 - looking for a starter

    Hi all,

    i have heard about various current
    gpus / graphics boards with embedded
    dvd decoders.

    i want to play a dvd stream and
    then apply some shader fx on it
    and then do some distortions etc.

    does anyone know how to do this
    with a current nvidia/ati
    hardware piece?
    is this possible using opengl?

    with the best regards,

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    Re: hardware decoding of mpg/h264 - looking for a starter

    To make use of GPU hardware decoding you will have to use DirectShow.

    If you want to perform some shader effects on the decoded frame:
    Using Direct3D VMR9 you could grab the decoded frame on the gpu into a texture and do what ever you want.

    Using OpenGL, you probably have to query DirectShow for the decoded frame into CPU memory and load it onto the GPU (OpenGL texture).

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