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Thread: How to create a plane from xyz points

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    How to create a plane from xyz points

    I have a series of xyz points that I want to use to describe a plane. Could someone give me a general direction on how to start coding this? What sort of commands can I use to curve the differences between points in the plane so I have more of a wave effect instead of a choppy line effect.

    I know this is pretty general, but I've been looking around and haven't found much to help me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: How to create a plane from xyz points

    for describing a plane u need at least 3 point. telling the truth what u really need is one point that lies on the plane and the normal. I am assuming that u know how to find the normal (u know the cross vector stuff)...
    now that u have the norm and the point u have to remember the old geometry books: the plane equation is Ax+By+Cz+D=0 where A B C are the normal components and D is the distance from the origin.
    Now is the real top. How do u find D? well D is simply -(A*Xp+B*Yp*C*Zp), where Xp,Yp,Zp are the cohordinates of the point that lies on the plane.
    I hope that it will be usefull! Bye the Gunslinger

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