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Thread: Projection matrix

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    Projection matrix


    someone can explain me what does establish the Projection matrix? and how can i modify it or create a new one?

    Is there any direct relation between the Projection matrix and the frustum that can create glOrtho o gluPerspective?


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    Re: Projection matrix

    You are correct in that there is a tight relationship between the frustum and projection matrix. The project matrix changes the scale of things in order to cull at -1 to 1 (if I remember right).

    Anyway, this is why you first call:

    and set identity matrix and then your calls to glOrtho or gluPerspective(). You can even call glFrustum() if you want, but I like gluPerspective().

    Don't forget that after you've taken care of the perspective transform it's then time to put the matrix mode into GL_MODELVIEW so the rest of your code works. Remember, OpenGL is very "state" based and in the Model-View state we are thinking of moving the camera, moving our models and no longer in the "frustrum".

    Does this help?

    - Michael L. Croswell

    PS: I did a search and found some example code at my old school (I actually took this CS410 course over a decade ago and we had to implement a ray-tracer by hand with only the ability to draw one pixel-at-time - it took minutes to render a frame!)
    The link shows some code (written by Andy Curtis) at:

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