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Thread: Evaluators and Splines Question....

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    Evaluators and Splines Question....

    Don't know if this Q belongs here or in Advanced.

    I need to know how to get actuall coordinates from a spline so I can make a camera (or an object) follow a spline path...

    I am using the 1D spline example in the Red Book as my spline, (glEvalCoord()) and I just can't figure out how to get the coordinates out so I can put them into my gluLookAt function...

    any help?



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    Re: Evaluators and Splines Question....

    Hm, if you have the spline equation there is nothing stoping you to generate any point on it, you just have to know how

    Because I think this would be to much for this forum, just grab a good math book that covers bezier curves and surfaces.



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