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Thread: ChoosePixelFormat and other errors

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    ChoosePixelFormat and other errors

    I am using the Cygwin GCC C++ compiler with Windows NT. I have been able to compile some tutorial files which uses GLUT, but I came across a tutorial file, which upon compilation gives errors like "undefined reference to ..." - the list includes "ChoosePixelFormat", "SetPixelFormat" and "SwapBuffers".

    From my limited experience these function calls form the core of OpenGL programming in the Windows Environment (I could be wrong). What do I need to do to get the program to compile?

    BTW: The code includes windows.h, gl.h, glu.h and glaux.h


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    Re: ChoosePixelFormat and other errors

    According to my MSVC docs, you need to include wingdi.h, and link to gdi32.lib.

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