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    I'm just starting on opengl coding. I got the red book and started reading and much to my satisfaction it didn't fly over my head [as i had worried it would]. I decidede to look at some of the code at work on my comp so fired it all in. To my dismay it will not work. I get a helluva lot of errors about external operators[i think] when attempting to link my code. I'm running VC++ 6.0 and am worried i may have installed glut incorrectly. Does anyone know what exactly is going wrong???


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    Re: starting

    How are you setting up your GLUT.

    Anyway to install glut do the following:


    If Windows 98

    Extract all .dll files to your Windows root directory.

    If Windows 2000

    Extract all .dll files to your Windows\System32 directory.

    For Visual C++ 6.0

    Extract all .h files to \VC98\Include\GL
    Extract all .lib files to \VC98\lib

    - Hope this helps.

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    Re: starting

    You also need to link all the libraries before you compile the code. Add the following lines at the top of the file containing the main procedure

    Code :
    #pragma comment (lib, "opengl32")
    #pragma comment (lib, "glu32")
    #pragma comment (lib, "glaux")
    #pragma comment (lib, "glut32")
    That might help. If it doesn't copy the errors and post it on here...we'll figure out what's wrong then

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