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Thread: texturing speed

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    texturing speed

    how much of a difference should i be seeing in terms of performance if i texture a quad using a 256x256 image vs a 512x512 image? i.e. what would be a fast way of texturing a square the size of the screen (in full screen mode) using an image of that same size? should the texture be cut up into tiles and then mapped? i hope i'm making sense...


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    Re: texturing speed

    If you want to cover the full screen with a textured quad, you should use one quad, with one texture. It's faster than using multiple objects, especially because you want to use a texture image with given size. Even when your quad is tiled all data must be transferred to the video memory. So better using it in one piece.

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    Re: texturing speed

    Not all cards support large textures, the early voodoo cards can only have up to 256*256- thats why some programs split up large textures.
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