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Thread: Getting Started: Platform Neutrality

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    Getting Started: Platform Neutrality

    I'm starting coding a platform independant application using OpenGL. I am currently deciding between using the wxWindows framework or the Borland VCL/Kylix framework. Would the OpenGL code I write be the same regardless of which framework I choose to use? wxWindows has a component called wxGLCanvas which would handle that stuff, and I'm sure there is a VCL equivient. So could I start writing the OpenGL code now without having to decide on a framework (as long as the framework I choose has bindings for the OpenGL library)

    I don't have any expirience with OpenGL so I would appreciate any help provided.

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    Re: Getting Started: Platform Neutrality

    The OpenGL code that does the drawing/transformation stuff is the same across platforms, the code that interface to the OS is not.

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