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Thread: q3 like texture animation

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    q3 like texture animation


    Anyone got a clue on how to implement the texture coordinate manipulations seen in q3 shaders.

    I know that there are a texture matrix and it should not be so difficult to make scroll, rotate and scale with it. But can it be used for stretch and turb? If so how, if not how?



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    Re: q3 like texture animation

    i can't tell you but i just recently saw a page with full source code of a q3 renderer... which loads all the shaders and shows them (more or less) correctly.. maybe you'll find there a hint..

    greets veal
    i am no openGL master... i likely just replied because noone else did up to now :P

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    Re: q3 like texture animation

    Quake3's renderer does not use the texture matrix at all. It transforms the texture coordinates on its own, because the use of the OpenGL texture matrix lead to inefficient or just plain broken code paths in some OpenGL implementations.

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