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    dList := glGenLists(1);
    glNewList(dList, GL_COMPILE);
    PL is an array of 15 colors

    glColor4ubv(@PL[Code]); //
    glVertex3f(P.X, P.Y, height);
    glVertex3f(P1.X, P1.Y, height);
    glVertex3f(P3.X, P3.Y, height);
    glVertex3f(P2.X, P2.Y, height);

    Code := 5; //
    glColor4ubv(@PL[Code]); //
    glVertex3f(P4.X, P4.Y, height);
    glVertex3f(P5.X, P5.Y, height);
    glVertex3f(P6.X, P6.Y, height);
    glVertex3f(P7.X, P2.8, height);

    gluPerspective(230, 1, 1, 500);

    each one of these is a GL_quads with one color, the next quad im gonna plotting might, or might not be the same color.

    give you a little idea what im working with, perhaps some bells will ring,

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    Re: subject

    1. glNewList without glEndList is not good
    2. glBegin(GL_QUADS) without glEnd() is not good
    3. using gluPerspective after drawing your quads is not good
    4. glEnable(GL_BLEND) and glDisable(GL_DEPTH_TEST) have no effect, either.
    5. in glVertex3f(P7.X, P2.8, height); P2.8 seems to be a typo ?
    6. your links leads to nowhere

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    Re: subject

    yes im not a pro,

    you get the basic idea tho, right?

    yes i mistyped the site,

    also my very first post shows what (part of) this code does. Also the effect im after.

    really dont believe i can achieve that with masking

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