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Thread: openGL and Director

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    openGL and Director


    Does anyone know if you can incorporate openGL in Macromedia Director. I'm working on a student project, and I'm developing a CD-ROM... there is going to be a 3D wind turbine on the CD-ROM and I want to make it interactive... users can enter the wind speed, wind direction, blade angle, etc... and the model should respond to the users input.

    I'm using Macromedia Director for the other parts of the CD-ROM (content and images), and want to know if I can use openGL for the interactive 3D model stuff.

    So if someone knows if Director and openGL can work together, and can refer me to any good sites, that's be great!

    - Mali

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    Re: openGL and Director

    You can use OpenGl in Director.
    You can find the Xtra at


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