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Thread: Rendering medical images from voxels

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    Rendering medical images from voxels

    I have some images from medical scanners that I want to render.

    Essentially, the data comes to me as a 3D array of voxels (typically 512x512x100x2 bytes). Each voxel has a 2 byte value that measures density.

    I've thought of rendering each voxel as a cube (with transparency that is a function of the voxel's density) and making a display list of the entire image.

    The rendered scan will be rotated, cut and translated by the user.

    As a newcomer to OpenGL I am eager for any suggestions, warnings or links to resources that could help.

    How could I proceed with rendering medical images?

    Would texture maps be suitable? How about surface generation from voxel data?

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    Re: Rendering medical images from voxels

    it's almost a religious debate but,


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