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Thread: blend prob

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    blend prob

    im making a 3d pong game... and so i made a cube stretched on the z axis with textures on each side, i blended the textures so you can see inside but some of the faces were only blending on one side!!!!! please help me!
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    Re: blend prob

    Have you tryed with

    glFrontFace() ?

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    Re: blend prob

    Two things,

    1) Face winding is important (vertex order clockwise vs counter clockwise) see previous post. Face culling will eliminate some faces based on face winding, this is known as back face culling or front face culling. This can be disabled.

    2) Blended transparency does not play nicely with the zbuffer. You need to sort transparent faces or at least draw transparent stuff last and turn off depth writes when drawing transparent stuff.

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