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Thread: Getting the EXACT viewfrustrum

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    Getting the EXACT viewfrustrum

    Hi, i need the EXACT viewfrustrum, for culling, of course.
    I retrieved the frustrum once by taking the up/down-FOV (45) and calculated the left/right-FOV (60) and then created the frustrum, but it was too small.
    So is there another method to get the exact one?

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    Re: Getting the EXACT viewfrustrum

    Hi !

    There are a number of ways to do it, on Kenny Hoff's website (I don't have the URL but you should find it on google easy) has source for it to, also a search for "view frustrum culling" on google should give you a lot of info.


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    Re: Getting the EXACT viewfrustrum

    You can find a link in my page on frustum culling...

    I dont give you the link directly 'cause I dont know it of the top of my head.

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