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    Dear Opengl Programmers,

    Where can we use RenderToTexture applications.
    Can we use it for rendering Bump Maps and other other mapping applications.Is it is same as the MRT concept used in other Graphical APIS.

    What are usual techniques used for RenderToTexture

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: RenderToTexture

    Render to texture is used to render a scene to a texturre, insted to a screen. There are plenty of applications. Basically, you can use it to generate some textures (like reflection, refraction - you can render a scene to a texture and then put that texture on a mirror, or a water surface) or to post-process your image (tone-mapping, filters etc.). I have no idea what you mean by "rendering Bump Maps", but ye, you could create a bump map by rendering to a texture. To your second question: MRT just means that your shader can output more then one value, each to a different target (texture in your case). By constast, single rendering target allows you to render only to one texture at a moment.

    Hope it was understandable.

    P.S. What kind of project are you doing anyway? You always ask this strange, overly general questions. I though that someone like you, who works with OpenGL for some time now, should have grasped the basic concepts already?

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    Re: RenderToTexture

    For example, full dynamic cube map in your application, need to render the whole scene into 6 textures.

    In <<GPU Gems>>, a guy from showed a tech called " Omnidirectional Shadow Mapping ", the same as render cube map.

    In an old implemention of realtime radiosity, then divided the whole screen into grid, then on each grid generate a cube map, all so is the R2Texture.

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