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Thread: Rendering single lines

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    Rendering single lines

    Allright, this may sound as a very dumb question to most of you developers here, but I'm still going to ask it...

    So, I wonder if it's possible to render a single, (un)colored, (un)lightened, (un)textured line in OpenGL? I mean, I might just draw a really thin square, but woulnd't that be unneficient, and unneccessary, since I only want to draw a single line?

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    Re: Rendering single lines

    Code :
        glVertex(start point);
        glVertex(end point);
    For (un)lit, (un)textured lines, enable/disable states as you wich. If you want textures, enable it. If you don't want lighting, disable it, and so on.

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    Re: Rendering single lines

    Hey, thanks man! You really helped me!

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