OK, I'd like to design my game so that more than one area can be loaded at one time. This will allow for near-seamless transitions from one area to another in the outside world. I wanted to know if I could have more than one integer pointer for OpenGL to use, though. Here is an example.
Code :
struct tagAREADATA
  short int numTextures;
  int *Texture;
//Allocation for two areas
//Assuming success for shorter code
Area = malloc(sizeof(AREADATA) * 2);
//Drawing the scenes
glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, Area[A_Loop].Texture[TexID]);
Would this work, or should I declare one integer pointer and somehow use it for all textures? Another way which would be easy and nice, but requires a HUGE amount of ram, would be to load all the textures used in-game into memory. That idea I am trying to stay away from.