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    Hi guys.
    I'm trying to write a opengl program and for some reason i can't make it happens. i started with a tiny program in Delphi5, but its not working. And, ahahhhh, i already read
    a Nehe tuts, what is impressive.
    And i usually work with coding a long time ago. So programming language isn't a problem although Opengl almost make me crazy.
    What i want is somebody(Delphi's programmer, i guess) to correct my tiny program..
    i ll send a mail holding the source.

    thanks for opportuniy ! ! !

    PS: Sorry about my english. And i guess that is english are difficulting the apprenticeship proccess.

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    Re: Tiny

    Come on guys !!!
    i need help.

    please read the post above ....

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    Re: Tiny

    If you are still looking for help, send your source to me. I just finished a program in Delphi 5 that renders buildings on rolling terrain/skies/trees/etc. This is my first OpenGL program so I wouldn't consider myself an expert but I do some complicated (at least to me anyway) things like alpha blending, color keying, billboarding, mouse/keyboard interaction, extrusions, heads up displays, etc.


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