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Thread: Basic Animation

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    Basic Animation


    I'm using Glut and....

    I'm trying to do some basic animation:
    I have a cube and I would like it to
    move smoothly upwards,
    then once there move right;
    then move back down to the original height;
    finally it should move back to it's starting position.

    | |
    | |

    I must be really thick as I cannot see how to use the idlefunction to do
    this, all I manage is to get it to move upwards slowly to a certain point
    then I cannot get to to come down again, as I'm fighting against the




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    Re: Basic Animation

    The idea that immediately comes to mind is a case statement:
    Code :
    	case up: translate up some more; break;
    	case left: translate left some more; break;
    	case down: translate down some more; break;
    	case right: translate right some more; break;
    Put it in your idle function, and have a counter that switches your direction at the correct points.


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    Re: Basic Animation

    ... and after that, in the idle-function, you place glutPostRedisplay() to tell GLUT that you want to redraw the screen.

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